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Benefits of having polished concrete    ( A long term flooring solution )


  1. Low maintenance cost

    Great for high traffic areas such as: schools, hallways, corridors, supermarkets. Floors are easy  to clean, requiring occasional damp mopping. Oils and staining liquids cannot seep into the floors and thus can be easily removed with a wipe. The lifespan of polished concrete exceeds those of vinyl, or upgraded stone tiles. Polished concrete floors only need to be refinished every  5-10 years on very little cost. Polishing process is minimal and therefore traffic on the surface can start almost immediately.

  2. Aesthetic Appeal

    Finished polished concrete can look shiny and striking. After the grinding and the polishing    process, the natural stones inside the concrete become visible. Once applied with sealers and       liquid guards - the polished concrete will be dense like granite. The combination of different       stones and designs can have the final product looking very elegant yet inexpensive. Cracks and wholes can be touched up with specific fillers and at times can have a naturally rustic appeal to  the stone.

  3. Ambient lighting – Economical

    High light reflectivity is very beneficial for places such as office buildings, hotels, restaurants,  warehouses, schools, and other public facilities. This enables these places to project a bright and clean professional image. The high degree of shine is very similar to polished marble and    granite. The high-gloss finish coating allows for visibility and fewer overhead lights required in  venues with polished concrete.

  4. Eco-friendly

    Polished concrete does not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and therefore is an environmentally friendly surface. There are no coatings applied, such as epoxies, urethanes, or waxes, and contains no hazardous waste. An array of colours can also be applied to polished concrete, and these colours are water-based, as opposed to chemically mixed.

  5. Slip resistance

    Although quite shiny and glossy, polished concrete does not create a slippery floor. Grindind and flattening the floor will increase the co-efficiency of friction when comparable to ordinary   concrete.