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Cutting Edge Ideas | Inspiring New Look

With an emphasis on decorative concrete flooring, Deccosto Inc. is proud to present cutting-edge ideas and inspiration for creating fresh new looks in existing or fresh concrete.
No longer is concrete chosen exclusively for its durability and ease of maintenance. Owners and architects are turning to concrete for its valued and widely ranging appearance, obtainable only through the use of this cost-effective and enduring material.
From new construction to the revitalization of existing properties, Deccosto produces designer concrete flooring of the highest quality in craftsmanship. Whether it's a beach house or a retail store, Deccosto uses the most innovative systems to create finished concrete surfaces for any interior and exterior.
From clean, modern, subtly mottled gray-tones, to bold statements in bright colors, we work closely with our clients to create flooring best suited to their needs and ideas.
Let us show you how we can contribute to your style and vision. Call to schedule a free presentation.